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History and Future of
Community Association and
Community Centre

Few people understand the history of our community centres or the effort it took to establish them.

In the beginning, it was the community associations who started the movement. Along the way, they enlisted the help of the Park Board. So began the partnership between community associations and Park Board.

Seventy years ago, “the seed and initial push came from a handful of local community-minded people who, in 1944, conceived of the idea that became the spark that ignited the community center movement for all of Greater Vancouver.”

And that movement started right here in Marpole.

Here is the history of the Marpole-Oakridge Community Association (MOCA) and the Marpole-Oakridge Community Centre (MOCC) that the association got built. It is the story of all Vancouver community centres and an important part of Vancouver history:
  • A 1957 report on the community centre which includes floor plans.
  • A 1950 narrative of the origins and early history of the community centre.

If we want to sustain and enhance this facility to serve the needs of our growing population, MOCA and MOCC need your input and assistance.

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Marpole-Oakridge Community Association (MOCA)

Notice of 2017 Annual General Meeting (AGM)



Fall 2017 President's Message

FFirst off I would like to announce the beginning of the consultation for our new Community Centre! We are hoping if things get done on schedule to have a new building operational by late 2019. I encourage everyone to get involved with their thoughts and ideas as the consultation meetings occur. This is your chance to have a say on the programs and physical building. Exciting times!

We at Marpole-Oakridge are also excited to learn that the Association of Neighbourhood Houses has been successful in obtaining the operating contract for the old Marpole Firehall on Hudson Street and W. 70th. We intend on partnering with them to develop programs to increase the services to the folks living south of
W. 70th Avenue. The City is completely renovating this space to accommodate the new programs.

The Park Board has passed the new Joint Operating Agreement (JOA). The City’s Community Centre Associations have until September 30, 2017 to decide whether to sign or not. The Association Board met in June to make this decision.

As I reported earlier, the financial performance of the Community Centre has been largely on par with last year which was a solid year for MOCA. If you have any ideas for new programs please let your thoughts be known to MOCA. The Association continues to be committed to returning a percentage of any net income back to the Community in the form of new equipment for the building and other needs. Those needs are being identified and reviewed prior to investment.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the sponsors and attendees of the Annual Marpole Community Day, which was held at Oak Park on Saturday, June 3rd. Once again, the local business community has been generous in its support for the event, and the community continues to attend in great numbers! Our small but dedicated Festival Committee and staff team work very hard each year to generate sponsorship support and to make the event the very best it can be.

We are sad to have one of our Board members leave because of family illness. They will be sorely missed. We are always looking for new members, so please consider volunteering! Please feel free to contact me with any questions or inquire about volunteering.

Thank you.

Mike Burdick,
Marpole-Oakridge Community Association

The Marpole-Oakridge Community Centre is jointly operated by the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation and volunteer members of the Marpole-Oakridge Community Association.


Latest update on renewal and location of Marpole-Oakridge Community Centre, the document below is released on June 14, 2016.

Vancouver Park Board approves existing site for new Marpole-Oakridge community centre

The Vancouver Park Board is moving forward on renewing the Marpole-Oakridge Community Centre at its current location in Oak Park.

The Board approved the community centre renewal motion at a Board meeting last night.

“Marpole residents want the new centre to stay exactly where the current centre is located and the Board supports this preference,” said Vancouver Park Board Chair Sarah Kirby-Yung. “Renewal discussions have been taking place for 16 years so it’s past time to take action. Our goal is to break ground in two years.”

The consultation and planning process will begin immediately with funding coming from the 2016 Park Board budget. The Board will consider co-location or inclusion of a complementary service such as daycare, seniors’ centre, playing field or pool after further consultation with residents.

“We’re looking forward to working with the Park Board on Building a functional space to serve our entire community – youth, families and seniors” said Mike Burdick, - President of the Marpole-Oakridge Community Association.

The current centre was built in 1949 and is the oldest within the Park Board’s network of 24 centres. It has no rink, pool or seniors centre.

The centre is located in the middle of a rapidly growing community. Population growth, development and density increase in the Cambie corridor, as well along Oak Street, has been greater than anticipated. Three-quarters of the growth is expected to take place near the current community centre.

A Park Board 2011 feasibility study for a new community centre indicated Oak Park was the best location for a renewed facility. The park, which is 5.25 hectares in size, includes a playground, ball/roller hockey rink, basketball court, soccer fields, baseball diamonds and tennis courts.



Association Memberships

The Marpole-Oakridge Community Association (MOCA) is a registered non-profit organization and is required to maintain a membership inventory. A current membership is required to vote at the Annual General meeting (AGM), but is not required to participate in activities. The annual membership is valid Sept 1-Aug 31 and available to those 19 yrs+. You may register for a free membership on line, in person or by phone.


Board of Directors 2016-2017


  • Mike Burdick - President 
  • Norman Zottenberg - Past President
  • Albert Leung - Vice President
  • Lorna Brown - Secretary
  • Henry Liao – Treasurer
  • Corinne Kempen
  • Andy Yuen
  • Katelyn Ling
  • Steve Tan

Note: One of the top priorities of MOCA is the rebuilding and possible relocation of the Marpole Oakridge Community Centre.

Duties of the Board

You may contact any of the other directors at:


Board of Directors
The Marpole Oakridge Community Association Board meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 7:00pm. All members of the Marpole Oakridge community are welcome to attend. If you are interested in joining the Board or a Committee contact MOCA at

Second Thursday of every month at 7:00 PM

First Tuesday of every month at 7:00 PM

First Thursday of every month at 5:00 PM (from Fall to Spring)

NOTE: There are no committee meetings for the month of August.


The Joint Operating Agreement is intended to define the working partnership between the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation and each of 20 Community Associations developed to provide recreation and leisure opportunities and to facilitate provision of community services to the residents of each community.

The Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation and the Community Associations are seeking to renew and revitalize our partnership and update the master Joint Operating Agreement.


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